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Gaining planning permits can often be a complex and time consuming process, where even seemingly simple proposals are held up due to a range of various reasons. We are highly experienced in this field and have a proven approach in managing all small to large scale applications to ensure our clients achieve positive outcomes. We are able to assist in any part of the planning process including input in the design process, timely submission of information and relevant planning reports, responding to objections, mediations and negotiations with council to gain their support.




We provide assistance to clients who wish to challenge a current proposal or notice of decision and ensure that any potential amenity impacts are limited. We are experienced in attending and presenting at a mediation or consultation meetings to resolve such matters.

Urban Planning Mediation has extensive experience in attending hearing both as advocates or expert witnesses. In many cases we succeed in negotiating with Council and other stakeholders to achieve an agreed outcome prior to hearings. This often saves valuable time and additional costs associated with a VCAT hearing.




We have considerable experience in submitting rezoning applications and making submissions to various councils in regards to local planning policies and character studies. Rezoning offers a potential for a higher and better economical use of the land which would both deliver positive outcomes for the owner and surrounding neighbourhood.

Drawing from our extensive knowledge and experience with various councils/shires within Victoria, Urban Planning Mediation are able to provide accurate feasibility advice and outline options for developers. Our innovative approach ensures that clients are well informed on how to maximise the return on investment and minimise potential risks associated with planning.

MATT RYAN URBAN PLANNING MEDIATION 19 Riverview Rd Balwyn North VIC 3104 – Matt Ryan – 0418 730 973(03) 9859 6136